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Latest Reviews

May 22nd '17
This ended up tasting a lot better than I expected, but it's actually quite good! It's my go-to sickness tea.
Mar 29th '16
Absolutely delicious! It requires some extra steeping time to let all the flavors truly sing, but it's worth it. However I wish that the chocolate and berry flavors weren't quite as soft as they are. Otherwise, a delicious tea blend.
Mar 29th '16
This tea is SO GOOD. It requires a little extra tea in the steeper, and should steep a little long to fully bring out all the flavor, but it's very, very delicious. Tastes just like a cookie in a cup, and is now one of my favorite dessert teas.
Jun 2nd '14
This is a good tea, however it doesn't have the sweetness I was expecting. The chocolate and caramel flavors are very subtle, too subtle for me.
May 27th '14
When I bought this, I was a little skeptical of the blueberry, since I'm not a huge fan of overly fruity blends. But the blueberry flavors aren't very strong, and it tastes delicious. Milk and honey makes it sing, and it's very delicious. I think this tea would also be great cold.
Nov 19th '13
The rooibos flavor is pretty overpowering over the caramel, but the caramel does sweeten it and make everything taste wonderful!


Nutella Brownies
Nutella Brownies
by Jen J.
chocolate, hazelnut, cream
Score: 95
by Cara McGee
earl grey lavender, rooibos jasmine, mango
Score: 95
by Robert Pirlot
caramel, cream, vanilla

Signature Blends

Horuss Blend
Horuss Blend
by Ellie Compton
pu erh dante, almond, tiger eye
Just before bed decaf blend
Just before bed decaf blend
Score: 90
by Ellie Compton
decaf earl grey, rooibos cinnamon apple, decaf vanilla
Aradia Blend
Aradia Blend
by Ellie Compton
strawberry, vanilla, valentines
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