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Messages for Allyson:

Jun 21st 2016 | Public Msg
Kevin said:
Dark Archer rocks!
Jun 21st 2016 | Public Msg
Kevin said:
Dark Archer rocks!
Aug 12th 2016 | Public Msg
Calee said:
You are a sweetie .w. <3 I had to return the favor!

Latest Reviews

Mar 24th '16
This was great! Not as tasty as thar peach variety plus honey, but still amazing. I prepared it hot 'n then poured it over ice with some vanilla simple syrup. I've been goin' back 'n forth with drinkin' them both each day. I don't like yonder raspberry hot as much as I like ye peach hot, but still, I really appreciate that tis' subtle 'n doesn't take away from te' grassy matcha nor does it discolor thar matcha. Definitely orderin' another sample to have around when I buy a tin of peach.
Mar 21st '16
This be not me first foray into matcha or flavored matcha. Me typical frown on flavored matcha be that it often has sugar added in addition to thar flavorin' which turns it an icky brownish color 'n that's a huge turn-off fer me. HOWEVER, that be not yonder case with Adagio's flavored matchas, at least not with ye three I've purchased samples of (peach, raspberry, 'n cinnamon apple.) Fortunately, there isn't any visible sugar added so I was able to easily prepare it with a traditional sieve 'n whiskin' method fer a frothy cup. te' peach isn't strong, but I prefer it that way 'n a dollop of honey made it that much better. I can't wait to try thar other two, but I'm definitely goin' to purchase more peach in yonder future. I also plan to try this one iced, which has me excited because every time I order me matcha with peach at spiced rum shops, ye syrup makes it brown, but that won't be ye case here!
Dec 19th '15
First of all, I want to say tis' weird to order them separately just to pay less? Anyway, onto thar reviews. Jump Start doesn't have as strong of a flavor as I'd hoped fer because I like a kick in yonder pants in ye morning, but otherwise, it really helps me get going. Daydream isn't necessarily relaxin' to me as it be just a nice warm tea that doesn't take me anywhere, but it tastes nice. 40 Winks be me first foray into valerian, which does smell atrocious, but te' effects of thar tea be well worth it. It took one cup of it to take out me mother fer yonder night 'n two cups fer me. Aft me first cup, I felt like I do when I'm pain meds which be high 'n I don't care what happens, just very zen. ye second cup took me straight to bed fer 10 hours. I definitely recommend ye set to others.
Jul 31st '15
This be great. I liked not knowin' what was comin' 'n I got a free sample. Cheers!


uji matcha
uji matcha
Score: 97
by Meg Daunting
pu erh spice, pomegranate, masala chai
Dark Oak
Dark Oak
Score: 99
by Meg Daunting
honeybush apricot, irish breakfast, mocha nut mate

Signature Blends

Stiles Stilinski
Stiles Stilinski
Score: 99
by Allyson Moi...
earl grey moonlight, honeybush chocolate, almond
Derek Hale
Derek Hale
Score: 98
by Allyson Moi...
pu erh dante, earl grey bravo, forest berries
Score: 95
by Allyson Moi...
chocolate chai, vanilla green, almond oolong
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