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May 8th 2013 | Public Msg
Auburn said:
hey! just found your rune mark blends- i really like the idea! i'm working on a project with tea mugs and drawing things on them..i'm gonna do a few with rune marks and tell people to buy your tea to go with them :)
Jun 17th 2013 | Public Msg
Elizabeth said:
This tea is absolutely delicious. So pleased with it. I usually have a bit of sweet cream in my tea and it tastes like you are drinking an Almond Joy. Wonderful mix!
Oct 8th 2015 | Public Msg
Mylia said:
I love this so much!

Latest Reviews

Dec 17th '13
The 'The Town We Do Not Speak Of' sampler is not for everyone. The blends are pretty weird, but I like them a lot. My favorite are Management, The Weather and, of course, Perfect Carlos.
Jan 26th '13
Anytime I have a craving for chocolate I just brew myself a cup of Simon. It's chocolaty and flavored without being too sweet. And the smell is so amazing!
Jan 7th '13
These ingredients are nicely balanced, combining a very bright and fresh blend, perfect whether it's winter or summer.
Dec 20th '12
The aroma of this blend is intoxicating. If Isabelle smells like anything, it has to be like this. I'm enjoying this blend greatly. However, the jasmine is a little overpowering, so I've edited the blend for more blackberry and raspberry (including a new raspberry leaves accent).
Oct 7th '12
This was a risky choice for my free sampler, but since I used it on my Magnus Bane blend, I wanted to know its flavor. Of course, it’s very floral and sweet. I’ve tried it with honey instead of sugar, and it’s very delicious. (6 mins @ 212°F)
Oct 5th '12
This blend is naturally sweet; so I recommend only a teaspoon of sugar if you need it. It's surprisingly smooth and I find it very soothing with a bit of milk. I'm quite happy with it.


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