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photo of black dragon pearls
black dragon pearls
score: 96
35¢ / cup
photo of glass jar 12oz
glass jar 12oz
score: 98
only $9
photo of gourmet sips
gourmet sips
score: 96
only $10

Signature Blends

photo of Black Prince Stout
Black Prince Stout
Score: 97
by Bran Mydwyn...
pu-erh dante, cream, tiger eye
photo of Bone Daddy
Bone Daddy
Score: 97
by Bran Mydwyn...
spiced apple chai, hojicha, chestnut
photo of D For Detective [Sherlock]
D For Detective [Sherlock]
Score: 96
by Bran Mydwyn...
cream, hazelnut, mocha nut mate


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Messages for Bran:

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Jul 3rd 2020 | Public Msg
Iris said:
I think I must try the Cakes, Kings, and Spicy Things tea!
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May 22nd 2021 | Public Msg
Sha said:
I haven't smiled at so many clever puns in Sherlock teas. Well done!
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Mar 27th 2022 | Public Msg
Lou said:
Hi, just letting you know that your 3 continents John tea can no longer be purchased as one of the ingredients has been discontinued :(

Latest Reviews

Jan 26th '16
The pumpkin flavoring compliments the natural honeybush, and the chai spices are well balanced. A great addition to the chai selection here on Adagio.
Jan 26th '16
Robust and flavourful. It's really nice to have a decaf tea with some punch. I can't wait for it to be available for signature blends.