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Kelly S.
Kelly S.

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Jul 7th 2013 | Public Msg
Joseph said:
You are amazing. :) My favorite character turned into a tea, who could ask for more! Thanks for soothing my dark passenger.

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Mar 14th '12
So let me tell you a little something about this tea. When I first opened the bag I immediately smelled the fruity twang of the Hibiscus, the cherry was a light smell that was a bit of a background to the aroma. It’s a very light and pleasant smell. This is definitely a PERFECT tea for summer. Now, I have the luxury of insta-heat at my house, so I really can not say how long I had to wait to get the perfect temperature, but I steeped my tea for about 5 minutes. (It would have been more like 3 if I was not busy taking pictures…woops!) But, I have no regrets and am really glad I decided to wait that long. When you first take a sip of the tea you’re immediately hit with the Hibiscus, which reminded me more of cranberry to be honest. So I let it sit a little and took a picture of the pretty leaves left over from steeping hehe~ After it sat for about two minutes I took another sip. That cherry flavor is definitely there a lot more after sitting for a minute. The hibiscus is the forerunner, but it’s not overbearing. My immediate thought was that this would probably taste excellent iced. I added a packet of splenda after this to see how the flavor would change. It only sweetened the over all taste, the cherry became a little bit more apparent, and I could also taste a bit of the Earl Gray in there as well. Sweetener definitely makes the fruitiness of this tea shine. Definitely reminds me of a good morning, or brunch tea. Though, this is my personal preference. I enjoy most sweet teas, so this is definitely turning into a favorite of mine. Plus, the Earl Gray Bravo flowers look so pretty while they steep.

Signature Blends

Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan
Score: 98
by Amy Logue
blood orange, chocolate chai, caramel
Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Score: 90
by Amy Logue
earl grey moonlight, blackberry, almond
Deborah Morgan
Deborah Morgan
Score: 99
by Amy Logue
peppermint, cherry, rooibos lemon cloud
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