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The White Tea of Kings
The White Tea of Kings
earl grey moonlight, cream, snowbud
Rating: 94
from $9
chicago teas
chicago teas
Rating: 97
only $9

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We're All Mad Here
We're All Mad Here
Score: 80
by Lashawnna
mocha nut mate, hazelnut, masala chai
by Lashawnna
caramel, cinnamon, almond
Score: 95
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chocolate chip, vanilla, honeybush


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Oct 1st 2013 | Public Msg
Jennifer said:
Thanks for the Pom!

Latest Reviews

Jan 3rd '15
I regret not getting this in a bigger bag. Because let me tell you this was a blend that did not disappoint! I love how spicy it is even though it is a white tea. Everything from the smell right down to the taste is exactly what I want from a chai tea.
Dec 13th '14
I have been a huge fan of matcha for a while now. When Adagio started selling it I couldn't have been happier. I managed to finally get my hands on a sample. Let me say I was not disappointed! It has a rich matcha flavor that I know and love. It's much better iced than hot in my opinion. I like how if you let it set for a bit, the flavor seems to grow even stronger. The only thing I would say that I disliked was the fact that the price is a bit much. Especially for the sample where there wasn't a lot for the price. Other than that the taste is defiantly quality.
Jul 19th '14
By it's self I am not a huge fan of the tea. It's a bit bland and in others it comes off as too sweet. For me I prefer it when it's mixed with other teas. It really shines then but by itself not so much. By far though it is not the worse I have tried and don't mind it on occasion.
Jul 18th '14
This is a very crisp and mellow white tea. A first it tasted a bit dry compared, to some of the other white tea I have tried. After a while though I realized it was just very subtle in it's taste.Nonetheless it's very good and quite refreshing. It's scent has a nice appealing aroma once it is brewed.
Jul 16th '14
I got this back when it had first came out on Adagio. Thus far I have really enjoyed all the blueberry blends that I have tried. This one was another one that did not disappoint. It has a very distinct flavor with a blueberry aftertaste that really appeals to me. I can see this being a frequent attendant in my tea stash.
Jul 15th '14
As much as I love pear flavored things and white tea. This did not do it for me. It has very off taste that sits on the tongue that's not very pleasing at all.
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