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Latest Reviews

Jun 6th '13
This is a really nice blend, hot or iced. Currently drinking it iced today, and brewed super strong. Has a pleasant nutty aftertaste that leaves you wanting more. (3 mins @ 195°F)
Dec 19th '12
Not just to toot my own horn here, but I love this tea. The citrus notes are zingy, and continually seem to shift and change, making you want to take another sip to identify them. This has become a morning ritual for me. (2 mins @ 200°F)
Dec 15th '12
First shot at this one. Will have to brew slightly stronger next time to let the cinnamon come out. Good Christmas sort of flavor though. Will be great during the holidays. (2 mins @ 200°F)
Oct 28th '12
Rich, dark, and just slightly smoky. The kick of the chocolate is well-balanced and not overbearing. I threw just a tiny bit of milk in this and it was -perfect.- (5 mins @ 200°F)
Oct 10th '12
Really soft and floral. The lemongrass is a little hard to pick out at first, but peeks through after a bit. Mango comes as an afterthought. Amazing golden color to it that makes me laugh. (6 mins @ 200°F)
Oct 9th '12
I can't believe how easy this is to use. Fits right on top of any mug I own, including my travel one! A cinch to clean, and versatile enough to use with a lot of different blends. I think I'm in love.

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The Dani Blend
The Dani Blend
by Hex Tak
masala chai, pumpkin spice, cream
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