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rooibos earl grey
rooibos earl grey
12¢ / cup
paper tea filters
paper tea filters
Rating: 97
only $5
pina colada
pina colada
12¢ / cup

Signature Blends

Score: 99
by Mrspremise
peach, almond oolong, caramel
Score: 99
by Mrspremise
thai chai, masala chai, rooibos vanilla chai
Score: 98
by Mrspremise
gunpowder, peppermint, cocomint green


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Messages for MrsPremise:

Oct 22nd 2015 | Public Msg
Paige said:
Hiya! Glad the Witch's Brew blend is helping you out! Nothing beats tea and honey for a cold. :)
Nov 5th 2016 | Public Msg
Tracy said:
I didn't realize there was a date limit on reviews. :( Just wanted to say kudos! Really enjoy this tea.
Nov 13th 2016 | Public Msg
Tracy said:
Double thumbs up! You make good tea.

Latest Reviews

Aug 29th '17
This tea satisfies my cravings for serious, grown-up earl grey tea, without the heavy dose of black tea caffeine. The rooibos pairs well with the tart citrus bergamot, orange on orange. It's nice with a splash of milk for more creaminess, and it is great hot or iced. A nice alternative for earl grey when you need a caffeine-free cup of tea.
Jun 26th '17
These teas were a surprising success in my house. Their decaf nature made it appealing to brew up a teabag any time of day or night. The Tea-Rex was a raspberry chocolate dream, Rocket Fuel was a sweet apple brew, and Monster Party was a delicious cranberry citrus blend. The tins are by far the best part of this package and I've since gone on to put other tea in them just as an excuse to keep them on my shelf.
Jun 26th '17
This tea is a wonderful, unique experience. With the puffed rice, and savory flavor, this is popcorn in tea form. The gentle green tea adds a touch of grassy vegetation to all the toasted rice cake flavor. This is almost like a savory broth instead your typical tea, but it's a blend that's really grown on me. It's great for those nights when you want something warming from the inside out. Or if you want a tea that tastes like popcorn.
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