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Messages for Cara:

Mar 10th 2017 | Public Msg
Jessica said:
I love so many of your teas! Have you ever considered replicating some in decaf or caffeine-free form?
Apr 4th 2017 | Public Msg
Teal said:
I recently discovered that I'm allergic to mangoes, and I'm devastated that I can't have any more of your Sera tea. It's one of the best teas I've ever had the pleasure of tasting, hands down! I'll be looking through your other teas for a replacement but I'm going to miss the little flecks of color in my morning tea.
Apr 22nd 2017 | Public Msg
Emily said:
I'm working my way through the Hero Recovery sampler set as I write my Age of Ultron fanfic and I think I have loved every single one of these teas :) Are you planning a Dr. Strange tea? Because that would be super-amazing! Just thought I would plant the seed ;P I love what you do (the art on your teas is an especially nice touch and never fails to make me smile), I hope you keep creating!

Latest Reviews

Nov 20th '12
I don't think I've ever sold a single bag of this tea. That's okay. It's... really pretty off putting, for a reason.
Sep 15th '12
so good you guys I'm not just saying that I swear shhhhh
Oct 25th '10
Can the scent of this brewing just be bottled as perfume? Oh em gee. This is the best relaxing-in-a-bubble-bath-before-bed tea.

Signature Blends

Score: 97
by Cara McGee
earl grey bravo, blackberry, vanilla
Watson Blend
Watson Blend
Score: 98
by Cara McGee
irish breakfast, cinnamon, earl grey green
Sherlock Blend
Sherlock Blend
Score: 95
by Cara McGee
lapsang souchong, assam melody, oriental spice
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