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chicago teas
chicago teas
Rating: 97
only $9
yunnan & famous sampler
yunnan & famous sampler
Rating: 96
only $49
rooibos jasmine
rooibos jasmine
Rating: 91
12¢ / cup

Signature Blends

Disney President (Vanellope)
Disney President (Vanellope)
Score: 94
by Adeline De ...
candy cane, vanilla
Wreck It! (Wreck-It Ralph)
Wreck It! (Wreck-It Ralph)
Score: 90
by Adeline De ...
berry blast, vanilla oolong, gingerbread
Classic Shoujo Blend
Classic Shoujo Blend
by Adeline De ...
summer rose, almond, rooibos caramel


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Messages for Adeline:

Apr 5th 2014 | Public Msg
Angela said:
Wow, this is SUPER-LATE (I haven't purchased tea in a while) but I just noticed your gift! I'm so excited to try it :D

Latest Reviews

Feb 3rd '14
I'm not getting much green tea from this one, more of a generic base with emphasis on the flavor. This would be great in theory, but like a lot of chocolate teas, the chocolate just seems fake to me.
Feb 3rd '14
A pleasantly fruity tisane, albeit a highly simple one. It's reminiscent of a certain supermarket brand's similar teabag offerings.
Dec 1st '13
Always a favorite, especially for the fall and winter! This uses Adagio's typical base for flavored black teas and adds a simple chestnut flavoring. no subtlety whatsoever. But in this particular case, the flavoring and base suit each other unusually well and it doesn't feel as though anything is lacking. I have this with a touch of sugar or sweetener.
Aug 30th '13
I'm not usually a big rooibos fan, but I thought this one might be different enough from the norm to be an exception -- and I was right! The green rooibos base has a more appealing taste than red rooibos does to me (I want to call it grassier and sweeter, but that might also be due to the flavoring) and the fruit makes a tasty addition. Sweet without any sugar!
Aug 19th '13
There's too much rooibos for my taste, but this blend still has a lot of appeal. The vanilla and mint are tasty together, and the chamomile brings it firmly over to the relaxing side without being overwhelming.
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