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Messages for Carolynne:

Oct 18th 2013 | Public Msg
Woodie said:
Hi do you have any holiday blends? esp halloween/fall blends? Let me knbow what is pop and tasty. Let me know fast, because i want to get it befor halloween. many tea hugs woodie

Latest Reviews

May 31st '13
This is a calming, nurturing blend - and perfect for unwinding after a long day. I add a little bit of lemon to it as well, for an extra kick, but the medley of flavors is unique and wonderful. I highly recommend this!
May 31st '13
I'm not normally an Earl Grey fan. It's the one black tea I tend to avoid. But this blend makes me rethink my stance! The lavender adds a floral, fragrant balance to the bergamot and is soothing and calm. I do love lavender in any form, for any sense, so it's no wonder that when lavender is added to a tea I normally don't care for, I fancy it!
Mar 7th '13
I love the medley of Irish Breakfast with Earl Grey Moonlight. The Irish Breakfast tea cuts the bergamot flavor beautifully. This tea is also brisk and bold - a perfect AM Wakeup Tea!
Mar 5th '13
This is creamy and delicious, although be very careful with brewing. Oolong can be finicky! I like to blend this with other flavors in the custom/signature blends, but on its own this is just delightful and sweet. No sugar needed! :)
Mar 5th '13
This is a spicy, fragrant cuppa! The Christmas, cinnamon and peppermint blend together beautifully. When you can't enjoy the TV show, enjoy this cuppa instead! :)
Mar 16th '12
I really enjoy the medley of berries with a hint of lemon in the green rooibos citron. The lemongrass balances the flavor. Bet this is amazing iced!


Pink Cotton Candy Ice Tea
Pink Cotton Candy Ice Tea
Score: 99
by Woodie Barn...
wild strawberry, raspberry patch, decaf vanilla
Everyday Drinks: Tea or Coffee
Everyday Drinks: Tea or Coffee
Score: 99
by Nichole Mil...
mocha nut mate, vanilla oolong, cream
Cucumber Cool Down Splash
Cucumber Cool Down Splash
Score: 99
by Woodie Barn...
white cucumber, spearmint, ginseng green

Signature Blends

Almond Cookie
Almond Cookie
Score: 96
by Carolynne K...
almond, vanilla, almond oolong
A Toasted Marshmallow Tea
A Toasted Marshmallow Tea
Score: 91
by Carolynne K...
lapsang souchong, cream, vanilla oolong
A 'Vampire Lemonade' Tea
A 'Vampire Lemonade' Tea
Score: 96
by Carolynne K...
blood orange, white tangerine, lemon grass
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