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Messages for Robert:

Oct 3rd 2016 | Public Msg
Alisha said:
I bought the Magic Potions Sampler set and loved almost all them! I'd happily buy all of them again, though Draught of Peace needs to convince me a bit more. My favorite though would have to be Beer Butter. Just Yum!
Oct 10th 2016 | Public Msg
Jillian said:
I love this website for HP fans and I am glad I recalled the answers to the quiz. However, I can't drink any teas with caffeine--caffeine is like a curse on me. So I guess I have to make my own blends.
Nov 18th 2016 | Public Msg
Rhonda said:
I truly like all six blends of this sampler, but Pumpkin Potion is by far my favorite. Thank you for creating it.
Jan 17th 2017 | Public Msg
Toriel said:
I wish this tea would have came with brewing instructions :( I can tell it's probably really good but I can't master it...maybe I'm a muggle. Lol.

Latest Reviews

Aug 2nd '17
It s a combination of perfection. Most Delicious treat.
May 8th '17
It delicious. Sweet tasting and GREAT as iced tea. (3 mins @ 200°F)
Sep 19th '16
I can keep Drinks in this for hours and the temperature never changes. Love this thing. Hot or Cold it's great.
Sep 19th '16
Perfect for tea. Its mellow flavor ,unlike many other honeys, makes for the best sweetener for tea. BTW the Pump took some work but eventually the honey comes out. Infused Bourbon Honey: Yes, that's bourbon in it. Will I think this is actually real bourbon, not flavored cuz it does have that alcohol flavor and feel. Orange Blossom Honey: It's different, not what I was expecting for Orange blossom. Less floral notes than I usually find in this kind of honey. Much more Mellow. Cinnamon WHIPPED honey: Like cinnamon and sugar on toast. Strong flavor. It's great replacement where Cinnamon and sugar would go.
Sep 8th '16
I love this tea. It has that nice sweet lime flavor I love. I like it best sweeten and Ice Cold. So refreshing.


happy birthday
happy birthday
Rating: 99
only $29
happy birthday
happy birthday
Rating: 99
only $29
matcha blueberry
matcha blueberry
60¢ / cup

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Score: 95
by Robert Pirlot
caramel, cream, vanilla
Felix Felicis
Felix Felicis
Score: 96
by Robert Pirlot
rooibos almond, rooibos caramel, honeybush hazelnut
Score: 97
by Robert Pirlot
thai chai, chocolate chai, rooibos vanilla chai
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