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cha cha
cha cha
14¢ / cup
Blood Orange Splash
Blood Orange Splash
Score: 95
by Woodie Barn...
blood orange, green rooibos citron, honeybush orange
jack-o-lantern: fall nights  :)
jack-o-lantern: fall nights :)
Score: 99
by Woodie Barn...
pumpkin spice, caramel, orange

Signature Blends

Double Chocolate Spicy Chai
Double Chocolate Spicy Chai
Score: 92
by Woodie Barn...
chocolate chai, chocolate chip, masala chai
Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Chai
Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Chai
Score: 96
by Woodie Barn...
hazelnut, chocolate chip, masala chai
A.M. Wake-Up!
A.M. Wake-Up!
Score: 94
by Woodie Barn...
mambo, assam melody, ceylon sonata


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Latest Reviews

Apr 25th '18
What can I say but bravo! With some milk and sweetner this is a delicious butterscotch dessert or anytime treat. (4 mins @ 212°F)
Apr 25th '18
Fantastic and very delicious. This tea is magic! Starts blue color and with a little bit of lemon juice, the tea turns deep purple. Zesty and very light with blueberry taste. (7 mins @ 212°F)
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