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Messages for Woodie:

Apr 15th 2017 | Public Msg
Karen said:
I love the citrus splash ice tea! Very Yummy. You warn it contains some caffeine. Can you please tell me which tea leaves have the caffeine it it with this mixture? i would like to give to my little grandchildren who enjoy tea. But not with caffeine. Thank you

Latest Reviews

Jun 28th '17
The delightful fruity green tea is perfect iced.
Jun 28th '17
Very delicious fruity tea that is a perfect on the go.
Jun 28th '17
WOW!!!!! I'm in love with this incredible spicy tea. I use some splenda and taste -buds dance with a kick of spice.


cha cha
cha cha
14¢ / cup
Blood Orange Splash
Blood Orange Splash
Score: 95
by Woodie Barn...
blood orange, green rooibos citron, honeybush orange
jack-o-lantern: fall nights  :)
jack-o-lantern: fall nights :)
Score: 99
by Woodie Barn...
pumpkin spice, caramel, orange

Signature Blends

Double Chocolate Spicy Chai
Double Chocolate Spicy Chai
Score: 92
by Woodie Barn...
chocolate chai, chocolate chip, masala chai
Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Chai
Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Chai
Score: 96
by Woodie Barn...
hazelnut, chocolate chip, masala chai
A.M. Wake-Up!
A.M. Wake-Up!
Score: 94
by Woodie Barn...
mambo, assam melody, ceylon sonata
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