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Red Dragon
Red Dragon
Score: 97
by Inguna Trepsa
irish breakfast, ceylon sonata, earl grey bravo
Score: 98
by Inguna Trepsa
vanilla, ceylon sonata, almond
4 SEASONS. Autumn.
4 SEASONS. Autumn.
Score: 97
by Inguna Trepsa
chestnut, vanilla, caramel


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Messages for Inguna:

Feb 25th 2015 | Public Msg
Shelley said:
I have to say I was disappointed in the change of Sagittarius from the original. I wish I had bought more back then, and would have hoarded it, if I'd known!
Feb 28th 2016 | Public Msg
Sherry said:
I will be ordering the Sagittarius tea. Looks wonderful.

Latest Reviews

Dec 13th '14
I have yet to try the Daydream blend, but both Jump Start and 40 Winks have become staples in my tea routine. I am not a big fan of mate, but Jump Start has just the right amount that goes perfectly with the black tea and cocoa nibs. The overall flavor is rich with a hint of cinnamon. 40 Winks is the perfect nighttime tea. The amounts of valerian and chamomile are balanced and soothing before bed. I find myself reaching for both blends on a daily basis.
Dec 13th '14
This is probably my favorite of the breakfast teas. It's a classic, no-nonsense black tea. What makes it stand out is the smoothness and lack of the sharp, bitter flavor that other black teas might have.
Dec 13th '14
I reach for this breakfast if I'm looking for a smokey edge to my black tea. I prefer the Irish breakfast, but you can't go wrong with a classic. A slice of lemon and you're good.
Jan 29th '14
I love dark chocolate and I could really taste the tea.
Jan 29th '14
I used it for iced tea. Green tea plus strawberries plus tea honey = perfect combo!
Jan 29th '14
Bought Throat Therapy and Tea-tox as a gift. My friend said she enjoyed both blends.
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