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yunnan teas collection
yunnan pu erh gold, yunnan pu erh white, yunnan golden curls
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yunnan teas collection

yunnan teas collection

The Yunnan province in China's southwestern edge holds a wealth of biodiversity in its slightly wild, highly mountainous terrain. Cradled among these natural treasures are teas revered for their sweetness, earthiness and smooth complexity. Fine fermented Pu'erh teas with their earthy richness speak of the mountains on which they grow while the precious golden buds of Dianhong, or Yunnan red tea, offer their own delicacy of diversity: spice, earth, fruit, cream and even hints of cocoa; offering a true excursion for those of an adventurous palate. Set contains 8 oz. of tea.

yunnan teas collection

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yunnan golden pu erh
pu erh gold
Clean, damp forest aroma, with flavors of mushrooms, roasted root vegetables, leather and earth. Mellow and grounding.
yunnan pu erh white
pu erh white
Delicate cup with notes of wildflower honey and classic Yunnan pepper.
yunnan golden curls
yunnan curls
Deeply layered cocoa and spice aromas. Creamy and savory flavor of warm toffee and sweet potatoes with a velvety finish.

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