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yunnan & famous sampler
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yunnan & famous sampler

yunnan & famous sampler

Discover the sublime aroma and superior taste of our Masters Collection teas with a combination of samples that's priced 25% less than the cost of these teas purchased separately. Enjoy the finest in tea with substantial savings and free shipping. This set includes (though subject to infrequent change):

anhui keemun - Incredible depth of flavor: dates and brown sugar sweetness, hints of cocoa powder, bright black pepper, and toasty biscuit finish.
yunnan golden curls - Deeply layered cocoa and spice aromas. Creamy and savory flavor of warm toffee and sweet potatoes with a velvety finish.
yunnan pu erh white - Delicate cup with notes of wildflower honey and classic Yunnan pepper.
yunnan pu erh gold - Clean, damp forest aroma, with flavors of mushrooms, roasted root vegetables, leather and earth. Mellow and grounding.
zhejiang lung ching - Complex and layered, yet subtle in the cup, mellow and softly sweet with a crisp finish.
fujian ti kuan yin - This lightly oxidized tea yields a pale golden cup with a soft, buttery texture and orchid and honeydew melon notes.

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sampler set contains

anhui keemun - Keemun is perhaps the most famous of Chinese tea varieties, prized for its toasty, dark chocolate flavor and slightly smoky aroma. Our finest, hand-made version of this tea brews to a fiery, reddish color with incense smokiness, and aroma of brown sugar and earthy fruitiness. The mouthfeel is textured and layered with an incredible depth, possessing the sweetness of dates, brightness of black pepper, warmth of fresh biscuits and notes of smooth earthy cocoa. The Anhui Keemun is not to be missed!
yunnan golden curls - A beautiful black tea from the Yunnan province of China, composed exclusively of curled silky-soft golden leaves. A deeply layered cup with notes of cocoa, spice, black pepper and raisins. The texture is equally complex, with a mouthfeel akin to liquid velvet and soft astringency. The aroma of the Yunnan Golden Curls is creamy and savory, with hints of warm toffee and sweet potatoes. Take time to appreciate this exquisite tea and the Yunnan artisans who continue to craft it.
yunnan pu erh white - White buds from old Yunnan Pu Erh trees are used to created this delicate new form of Pu Erh. While a 2012 harvest, these leaves are fermented in the traditional style but only using unopened fuzzy leaf buds. The result is a Silver Needle-like delicate cup but with notes of wildflower honey and classic Yunnan pepper.
yunnan pu erh gold - Pu Erh teas are aged, undergoing a natural fermentation process, which yields a deep, rich cup with zero astringency. Our Masters-grade Pu Erh is a rare find, composed of long, golden leaf buds, which are difficult to maintain through the aging process. Its damp forest aroma foreshadows flavors of mushrooms, roasted vegetables, leather and earth. Pu Erh tea is extremely versatile: steep it for 30 second or 30 minutes. It won't get bitter and is great for multiple infusions.
zhejiang lung ching - One of the most famous of all Chinese green teas, Lung Ching is available in a wide range of grades. This high grade is a fine plucking of young spring leaves, with a deliciously sweet aroma. Pan-firing in a hot wok brings out the classic warm, roasted chestnut notes inherent in the leaf and in this case a hint caramelized sugar and crisp floral essence. Complex and layered, yet subtle in the cup, the Zhejiang Lung Ching is mellow and softly sweet with a crisp finish.
fujian ti kuan yin - Ti Kuan Yin (also spelled Tieguanyin) is a legendary tea from the Fujian province and is one of China's most beloved oolongs. This loosely-rolled, lightly-oxidized (almost green) tea yields a pale-gold cup with soft, buttery texture and orchid notes that linger to reveal the leaves' complexity. As the liquor cools, it reveals a sweet finish of honeydew melons. We highly recommend multiple steepings to fully open the hand-rolled leaves whose character will majestically evolve over three or four infusions.

getting started

New to loose teas? Our IngenuiTEA is a wonderful tool to help get you started with the teas in this sampler set. Easy to use and clean, and suited to any loose tea, you'll wonder how you got along without one.

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