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fujian & formosa sampler

fujian & formosa sampler

Discover the sublime aroma and superior taste of our Masters Collection teas with a combination of samples that's priced 25% less than the cost of these teas purchased separately. Enjoy the finest in tea with substantial savings and free shipping. This set includes (though subject to infrequent change):

hsinchu oriental beauty - Hsinchu Oriental beauty bears a clean mouthfeel that gently reveals each nuance like an unfolding blossom.
formosa pouchong - Inviting sugary-floral nose, the pale golden liquor yields a soft, melting butter texture and uplifting honeysuckle aroma.
formosa ali shan - Buttery and intoxicating floral aroma of honeysuckle and lilacs. Yields a layered, delicate cup, with notes of warmed sugar.
wuyi da hong pao - Rich aroma of roasted vegetables, sweet honey, river stones. Delicately spicy, rounded texture, and pit-fruit flavors.
fujian silver needle - Buttery-creamy mouthfeel and a wonderfully sweet, honeydew melon note and a creamy cucumber lingering finish.
fujian jasmine pearl - Refined, clear and quietly hypnotic jasmine fragrance, pleasantly soft texture and delicately dry finish.

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sampler set contains

hsinchu oriental beauty - Beautiful leaves of white, green, yellow, red and brown make up this top grade Formosa Oriental Beauty oolong from Hsinchu County, in northwestern Taiwan. Highly oxidized, yet super smooth, the layered cup offers much to delight. Summer fruits like peach and nectarine, with a soft sweetness of honey and dwell in these leaves. Our Hsinchu Oriental Beauty bears a clean mouthfeel that gently reveals each nuance like an unfolding blossom, and a slight mineral finish.
formosa pouchong - A rare, very green oolong tea from Taiwan. Pouchong is the most lightly oxidized of all oolong teas - just 8-10%. In Taiwan, this tea is extremely valued and celebrated for its aroma - as one tea master said, 'if there's no fragrance, it's not worth the effort!' Our Masters Pouchong starts with a deep, inviting sugary-floral nose. The bright, pale golden-green liquor has a soft, melting butter texture, uplifting floral notes and mild, succulent flavor. True to its character, the sweetly complex floral nose lingers on long after the last sip. You'll definitely want to do a second steeping on this tea, as it will take another infusion for the leaves to fully unfurl and release their treasure.
formosa ali shan - Formosa Ali Shan is a beautiful green high mountain oolong tea from Taiwan. High altitude slows the growth of the tea plant, allowing more time for the leaves to develop great complexity and flavor. Formosa Ali Shan from our Masters Collection compares with the best Dong Dings. Deeply perfumy, buttery and intoxicating floral aroma, the mark of an excellent green oolong. Honeysuckle and lilacs. The golden-green liquor of this Ali Shan yields a layered, delicately creamy cup, with notes of warmed sugar. A just barely dry finish, more of an airy evaporating sensation. Prolong the dream with multiple, short infusions of this very fine Ali Shan oolong.
wuyi da hong pao - Da Hong Pao, which means 'Big Red Robe', is a rare oolong tea from the WuYi Mountains in the Fujian province of China. WuYi 'rock' oolongs grow defiantly in the gaps of the mountain boulders, rendering cultivation both arduous and spellbindingly beautiful. These teas are highly prized for their 'yan yun' or 'rock taste', and only the real WuYi teas grown from these rocks - not teas from nearby hills or flatter landscapes - will have that mineral flavour. Premium grade WuYi Da Hong Pao from our Masters Collection offers rich aromas of roasted vegetables, sweet honey and wet river stones. The liquor takes this masterpiece one step further, with the color of warm peach brandy. Delicately spicy, robust and rounded texture, with pit-fruit flavors and subtle ripe peach juiciness. A truly thought-provoking cup.
fujian silver needle - Our Masters Collection premium Silver Needle, or Bai Hao Yin Zhen, is made with fine silvery down bearing buds from carefully reared tea bushes in the Fuding area of Fujian, China. Hand picked, this precious white tea shows the care and skill of the proud farmers. In the cup, these extra fine Silver Needle buds offer a buttery-creamy mouthfeel and wonderfully sweet, honeydew melon notes with a creamy cucumber lingering finish.
fujian jasmine pearl - A rare, hand-rolled green tea from the Fujian province of China, infused with the delicate scent of night-blooming jasmine. An incredibly fresh aroma drew us to these exceptional pearls. Each pearl is made up of just one bud and leaf set. Refined, clear and delicate floral fragrance, pleasantly soft texture and delicately dry finish. While the pearls themselves are not the largest or most evenly rolled we have seen, we could not pass up the complex elegance of this tea and its quietly hypnotic jasmine fragrance. A treat for the jasmine lover and connoisseur alike.

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New to loose teas? Our IngenuiTEA is a wonderful tool to help get you started with the teas in this sampler set. Easy to use and clean, and suited to any loose tea, you'll wonder how you got along without one.

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formosa ali shan
formosa ali shan
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wuyi da hong pao
wuyi da hong pao
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