The CommuniTEA: An Experience Not Just A Gift

November 09, 2022

by Kimberley K

It's coming up to the holiday season and by this point you're probably trying to plan out your gifts!

If you have a tea lover in your life, deciding what to get for them can sometimes be a little daunting because there are so many options to pick from and without knowing all of their personal tastes when it comes to tea, you risk them not even enjoying it at all. But fear not here at Adagio we have the answer to all of this, The communiTEA.

What is the communiTEA?

The communiTEA is a unique place where Adagio patrons from all around the world can sit down together over the same cup of tea on the same day, discuss whether they enjoyed it, and even share photos!

Also called the nicest place on the internet by long-term communiTEA members.

Each box contains one portion of loose leaf tea for each day of the month. There is a balanced mix of all the different kinds of teas (both traditional and flavored), tisanes, and decaf options. Holiday teas and fandom blends (mostly created by the communiTEA members) are also included.

Each portion is just the right amount of tea for one cup, which means that if by chance a certain day's tea isn't to the liking of the person you are gifting it to, then they haven’t got a whole bag going to waste. Likewise each portion also has the name of the blend of it, so should the person you are gifting this to end up loving a specific day's tea they can quickly purchase more of it in whatever quantity they want to enjoy at their leisure.

The packaging also lists the date of the month they should be drinking it as well as the ingredients, steeping parameters, and caffeine level, so if they happen to be brand new to tea they will have everything they need to to make sure they don’t over steep the teas and get a perfect cup each and every time.

The Experience

On the communiTEA homepage you can see which tea the entire community is drinking that day, vote on if you liked it, and read a little more about each tea.

There are several tabs to explore:

The profile tab displays your special communiTEA accolades you may redeem for exclusive communiTEA merch. You can also manage your subscription there, turn it on or off at leisure. Accolades are earned by simply participating in the communiTEA and interacting with everyone!

The photos tab displays everyone's photos of their cup, or something else that they wanted to share with the group! You can leave a heart, or a like, on the photos you love to give them some extra accolades. A photo winner is chosen every day for extra accolades.

The chat tab is a live conversation with anyone signed in! You can talk about the day's tea, Adagio happenings, and any other tea-related topics.

The opinions tab reveals the reviews of that day's tea already left by other communiTEA members.

The schedule tab shows the entire month's box, and later in the month, you can preview the following as well.

Friday Tea Talks

Join in with Fridays weekly Tea Talk! You can have camera on or off, mic on or off- whatever you comfort level. There are members who only participate in the text chat, and others who love to spill the tea - metaphorically! Here, you meet and chat with other communiTEA members as well as chat with Adagio Staff! It's an awesome way to connect and dig deep into tea.

Tea Talk info populates Friday at noon, EST for members to join!

How to Purchase

You can purchase it month by month online or set it as a rolling subscription via your account page. (once you purchase at least one month).

Should you decide to purchase it monthly, do keep in mind that the 19th of each month is the last day you can order the following month's box. On the 20th it switches over, so be sure to get your orders in on time if you are wanting to do it monthly.

All in all, the communiTEA boxes make a great gift for so many different kinds of people like teachers, tea newbies, tea lovers who are new to Adagio, parents, grandparents and more because there is something in each box that everyone will love no matter their taste.

So, whether you are gifting it to someone else or treating yourself this holiday season, we really hope you enjoy the communiTEA!